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Anti-plaque complete formula Softens, remineralizes, protects and repairs tooth enamel

This powder toothpaste is a complete and totally natural alternative to industrial products. This dentifrice without fluor is formulated with natural ingredients and medicinal plants with specific functions: remove stains by keeping white teeth, prevent caries, remineralize teeth, protect tooth enamel and offer complete cleansing.



Turn over the bag content into your favorite lid container. Wet the toothbrush and shake it to remove water excess. Rest the brush on the powder so that a layer adheres to the bristles. Brush as usual. Daily use.



Calcium carbonate**, Xylitol**, Sodium bicarbonate**, Kaolin**, Lithothamnium calcareum powder**, Hydroxyapatite**, Iris germanica florentina root extract**, Zinc citrate trihydrate**, Menthol*, Syzygium aromaticum (clove) bud oil* (essential oils include natural eugenol).

* Organic, certified by Ecocert Greenlife.
** Natural origin. GMO-free and produced without the use of GMOs.


Hydroxyapatite (calcium and natural phosphate) repairs micro-injuries making the dental surface smoother, harder and whiter.

Natural Zinc to fight plaque and tartar.

Iris Root: powder root extract that acts as a mild non-aggressive cleansing and bleaching agent for teeth.

Lithothamne: marine active from calcareous marine algae with a great dental remineralizing power.

Xylitol: natural extract obtained from birch tree, prevents caries, strengthens teeth and repairs dental enamel.

Clove essential oil BIO: invigorating and anti-fatigue oil is also used traditionally against caries and dental pain.

Menthol: powerful antibacterial, in addition to mouth refresher.

Calcium carbonate and white clay, soft cleaners without abrasion.