Île Naturelle is the effort of two people, where everything that we produce (formulation, elaboration, design, packaging, photography, website, etc.) we do it, from beginning to end, two pairs of eyes and hands. We work to make our products convey our effort and our philosophy of life.

We put the desire for change, the fate brought us to a new action stage: Formentera.


“The winter.

Leaving behind the vibrant and bustling summer of Formentera, we discover this corner of paradise in the winter months, which allowed us to enjoy a peaceful, intimate and wild island. Its beaches wet by the rain, its sunsets tinged with winter colors and its rustling winds of Tramuntana returned us the calm and peace difficult to find in other parts of the Mediterranean.

Small winter dock of great people, authentic and quiet, looking, like you, to disconnect from the noise and haste. People who open the doors of their homes to welcome warmly to those who stay, offering their ears to the distant stories, picturesque adventures and illustrated dreams.

In this winter Formentera, where we were accompanied by the solitude and seclusion, where daylight hours inclined in our favor in the balance of time, accompanied by the sound of the waves crashing against our window, was born … Île Naturelle Formentera”.