In Île Naturelle we know about plants, their active properties, their organoleptic, chemical and medicinal qualities applied to cosmetics.

The quality and traceability of the raw material we work with and we make our products are the cornerstone of our cosmetic. Therefore, in all our formulations are present:

  • Organic raw natural and first cold pressure vegetable oils with Ecocert organic certification.
    pure vegetable waxes of wild collection and natural extraction.
  • 100% pure damascena rose hydrolate, steam distilled, without preservatives and Ecocert certified.
  • complexes and moisturizing compounds of natural and vegetable origin.
  • mineral powders of natural origin, 100% pure and cosmetic grade.
  • vegetable powders, cosmetic grade and extracted by centrifugation or evaporation and Ecocert certified.
  • parfums from organic essential oils and / or wild-harvested and also parfums and natural aromatic extracts from Grasse (France) and Germany.

90% of the raw material we work with is natural, organic, wild-harvested and / or Ecocert certified.


What is ECOCERT?

ECOCERT is a control and certification organization based in France accredited by the COFRAC, “Comité Français d’Accreditation” which defines a higher level than conventional regulation of cosmetic products requirements.

Its role is to monitor and deliver BIO, ECO and NAT labels, ensure respect for the rules specifications and to ensure transparency to consumers by indicating the percentages of ingredients of natural and organic origin.

ECOCERT certifies that:

  • 95% at least of the ingredients are natural and have been transformed according to procedures validated by Ecocert.
  • The remaining 5% come from a very limited list of permitted ingredients.
  • The stages of manufacture and packaging in order to ensure traceability and environmental protection are respected.